Relationships can be a mine field whether they be work relationships, the relationship between a parent and a child, a husband and a wife or friends.

Do you have a relationship that has left you feeling helpless and confused?
Frustrated and angry?
Has the treatment you have received seemed unfair and disproportionate to the situation?
Is there someone in your life who brings out the worst in you or triggers your emotions just by saying one word or looking at you in a certain way?
Have your relationships at work or at home become toxic and unreadable?
Have they become more critical leaving you feeling, abandoned, rejected and angry?
Or do you find it difficult to make friends or sustain long term friendships?
Would you like to understand and repair these relationship?

Then this package is for you.

Over a period of 6 sessions we will walk you through the reasons and the trigger points that influence the particular relationship you are struggling with.  We will give you the tools to overcome the limitations that these relationships create within ourselves.

Shifting these patterns of behaviour and belief systems will bring all relationships around you back into balance.

Appreciate the similarities and respect the differences … both in yourself and others