Are you a parent?
Is your child struggling within the school environment?
Does he/she seem lonely, not making friends?
Is he or she being bullied or bullying other children?
Do you feel that your child is misunderstood?
Is your child underachieving?
Do they lack confidence?
Do they seem unmotivated?
Would you as their parent like to help them by giving them the tools to overcome these obstacles?
Would like to help them understand their value and worth and attain their goals?
Build their confidence, improve their concentration and focus?

Help them create and sustain friendships and make their school experience a happy and fulfilling one.

Then this package is for you.

Over a period of 9 sessions we will help each child to understand who they are and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

We will help them enhance and maximise these strengths and give them the tools to manage their weaknesses.  We will teach them to appreciate their differences, seeing these as assets instead of afflictions.

We will build their confidence, increase their motivation and help them with any social or personal relationships that they are having trouble with.

Believe in you ….. you are amazing just the way you are.